With walking, running, and mountain trails, and a track & trail cafe, Prime View has pretty much everything you can think of. Offering you membership options for walks, running, cycling, and access to the pool for you and the rest of your family. Promoting a healthy and successful lifestyle is part of who we are.

Most activities that are looked at for fun may have important health benefits, which is an advantage and promotes engagement regardless of their fitness level. This all-inclusive approach encourages them to participate in activities that can improve their overall health and lifestyle choices.

At Prime View, we give you access to the tools to promote a healthy lifestyle, with a running, walking, and cycling trail, an aqua park, pump tracks, and a cafe offering a selection of healthy food for the body and mind.

Walking and running trails

One of the easiest ways to get a clear head and a good workout while doing it is participating in a running or walking trail. Did you know that taking a walk for 30 minutes at a moderate speed every day can burn 150 to 200 calories?

Beyond the obvious health benefits, running and taking walks outdoors can also boost your vitamin D levels. While at Prime View your walks and jogs can be consistent especially when you are under one of our membership packages. This does not only have to be for an individual but for the family including your doggies too! Then after the exercise, you can grab a bite or coffee at the track and trail cafe.

The Water Activities
Water activities are often for leisure or fun especially with kids while improving a host of health issues. One of the most important things about swimming is that it provides a boost to mental cognition, improving one’s memory, cognitive function, and concentration, as well as effectively combating mental illness. Lastly, it can boost one’s confidence which is amazing for children to participate in and have fun in the outdoors.
Cycling and pump tracks

This is an exercise that does not require a lot of energy as it does not put a lot of strain on your body. What it can do for you is help with your muscle strength, joint mobility, and flexibility.

More importantly, cycling improves your mental health and physical health as well. However, Prime View also caters to mountain bike and BMX users at the Pumping Trails, making exercise fun and convenient.

To keep a healthy lifestyle the Prime View way, why not check out some membership packages for you and your family? Start a consistent and healthy lifestyle sprinkled with lots of fun.

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