On other days we have big events and on other days we have intimate events but every day we celebrate a special occasion. It could be a year-end function, a kiddie’s birthday celebration, a family brunch, or maybe celebrating getting a new client at work.

Opening our gates from Monday till Sunday, there is always something interesting happening at Prime View Adventure Park! Not only through the numerous events, we have to offer but the memories and friendships made you along the way. This is how Prime View makes every day a special day.

Taking the kids to an Aquapark for a birthday celebration keeps the kids forever entertained giving you the opportunity to experience some much-needed rest and relaxation. Prime View hosts kiddies parties and prepares kiddies meals for children of all ages at the Grand View Restaurant.

Not only will they have a scrumptious lunch, but they will also get to see some of the wildlife we have on our property and visit the bird lover’s paradise while taking a break from the Aquapark.

Getting the most out of team-building exercises

Team building is an essential activity for most corporate groups, helping every team member know their strengths and weaknesses, and trust their fellow colleagues. At Prime view, we understand the importance of corporate cohesion and have prepared a variety of team-building activities that fit the criteria you want for your team or employees.

We also taking part in celebrating your corporate victories alongside you, letting you share all your yearly milestones with us, and toasting to many more to come!

Book your children or employees a day at Prime View Adventure Park, we would love to have you!