A trip to Prime View does not only give you access to the adventure park and restaurants but one can also get an opportunity to see the local wildlife at the park. With a variety of animals such as the Silver Backed Gorilla, Meerkats, Jackals, Vervet Monkeys, and bird lovers, a chance to catch a glimpse of Fish Eagles, Gulls, and a variety of other indigenous species.

Education, heritage, and culture

Knowing that we are part of an ecosystem with different animals means we have an obligation to preserve and protect every organism in the cycle. Knowing that the circle of life becomes part of our culture and heritage, we strive to educate and inform our clients along the journey. 

This then alerts us about a gap we need to fill to protect wildlife as it is an important learning experience for children, students, and scholars of all ages. The scenery also helps children to conceptualise ideas, develop their imagination, and understand the importance of biodiversity. Lastly, it helps children connect more with the environment and establish an understanding of its importance.

Improving soil health and fertility

Animals play a key role in enhancing the health and fertility of the soil by improving its nutrients from the natural by-products of their droppings. When the soil is enhanced with minerals it makes the plantation more productive, which is beneficial for farmers that are selling crops.

The Economic benefits in promoting tourism attractions

Thanks to the addition of our Prime View Adventure Park, we have the privilege of showcasing animals in their natural habitat for both educational and entertainment purposes. Protecting the integrity of our local wildlife is seen through everything we do. 

We also work to help improve the economy and boost the tourism sector bringing in both national and international visitors to our park. We strive to protect the wildlife for both ourselves so that we can visit any park for recreational purposes.

Visit Prime View Adventure Park to see how animals like cows live in their natural habitat and get an opportunity to see the bird lovers’ paradise. 

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