The Warrior Race first kicked off in 2013 and quickly became one of the highest-ranked obstacle races in South Africa. Growing from a relatively small group to up to 3000 participants per event. It’s no doubt that this has now become one of the leading sports challenge events in South Africa.

South Africans have been put on a sports hiatus due to the COVID-19 lockdown, but guess what? The wait is over! To the athletes that patiently waited for the warrior race to resume, we are excited to tell you that 2022 is the year to be braver and strong one more!

The Warior Race is South Africa’s largest obstacle trail, so where else can you expect it to be found other than our very own Prime view adventure park? With three different categories, all athletes can enter according to their physical strength.

On the 26th March 2022, the Warrior Race will be hosting its first event since 2020 at Prime View Adventure and Leisure Park. The activity agenda will be Rookie, Commando, and Black-ops. Let’s take a closer look at what each section entails…

The Rookie

The newly recruited member of the army. This category has the shortest distance with 6 km, 15 obstacles, and 2 water points. A great challenge choice for your friends and work buddies to explore something different as a team, though you may be thrown in a few muddy puddles. Expect to be crawling, climbing, and jumping your way through the course.

The Commando

Commando attack, for those that are a bit more equipped for serious trials. If you’re one with a competitive nature, looking to challenge yourself and your strength, then this category is for you. With 8-10 km, 22 obstacles, and 4 water points you can still do this with a team especially if you’re planning on moving to another entry on the next wrung of the race. This entry can also be beneficial for corporates and company structures looking for team-building activities and exercises.

The Black-ops

For the professional looking to complete their very own Mission Impossible. This is the most challenging category including all the Commando and Rookie obstacles plus its very own obstacles and trails.

The Black-ops trail doesn’t only challenge one physically but mentally as well. It can also be challenging when participating as a team looking at your team support skills but the black-ops always have a plan in motion. This challenge is 12-15 km, 25-30 obstacles, and 6 water points so it is definitely to make you braver and stronger as a team.

Click here to book ➡️ for either the Rookie entry, Commando entry, or the Black-ops entry. Good luck to every candidate.